Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi, Juniors!

Dear Juniors,
I hope you enjoy your weekend! I am sure you're wondering what we did in class today? We completed the following:

1. We watched a Madonna music video entitled "Oh, Father" for Journal Entry #5
As you watch the video , please list everything you consider a symbol. In addition, define what you think that symbol represents.

NOTE: If you missed class, then you can come during a Flex session to make up the entry.

2. We reviewed "The Open Window" by Saki
3. We recorded some information regarding Saki's past on the "Author's Corner" sheet.
4. We took the quiz covering "The Open Window" and started grading it in class (we completed grading it for A4).

1. Remember that your Article of the Week #4 is due on Tuesday.
2. Please read "The Interlopers" by Saki for Tuesday. Copies are available for you outside the room.
3. Plan on a reading quiz over the short story.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.