Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Dear Juniors,
 We discussed Chapters 1-3 of The Great Gatsby. Students were then assigned an interpretive analysis regarding what each party scene illustrates regarding characterization. I wrote the introductory paragraph for the class.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby,  superficially focuses on the twisted love between Jay Gatsby and D.  B. The main theme of the novel; however, pertains to a much larger and less romantic scope. The novel’s primary theme involves the disintegration of the American dream and the lack of moral fortitude found within the novel’s primary characters. This moral decay becomes evident as Fitzgerald portrays his characters in a myriad of different party scenes; depicting their deplorable and degrading moral standards. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19th, 2014

Dear Juniors,
If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. Each student was given a copy of the following poems, "Out, Out" by Robert Frost and "To a Friend Whose Work has come to Triumph" by Anne Sexton. We then discussed the allusions  to both pieces of work. The first poem relates to a mythological character named Icarus, and the second allusions relates to MacBeth. We then went through each poem and used the TPFASTT method to help in identifying the poet's intent. Visit with a friend from class, if you need assistance.

To a Friend whose work has come to Triumph by Anne Sexton

Consider Icarus, pasting those sticky wings on,
testing that strange little tug at his shoulder blade,
and think of that first flawless moment over the lawn
of the labyrinth. Think of the difference it made!
There below are the trees, as awkward as camels;
and here are the shocked starlings pumping past
and think of innocent Icarus who is doing quite well.
Larger than a sail, over the fog and the blast
of the plushy ocean, he goes. Admire his wings!
Feel the fire at his neck and see how casually
he glances up and is caught, wondrously tunneling
into that hot eye. Who cares that he fell back to the sea?
See him acclaiming the sun and come plunging down
while his sensible daddy goes straight into town.

“Out, Out” by Robert Frost

The buzz-saw snarled and rattled in the yard
And made dust and dropped stove-length sticks of wood,
Sweet-scented stuff when the breeze drew across it.
And from there those that lifted eyes could count
Five mountain ranges one behind the other
Under the sunset far into Vermont.
And the saw snarled and rattled, snarled and rattled,
As it ran light, or had to bear a load.
And nothing happened: day was all but done.
Call it a day, I wish they might have said
To please the boy by giving him the half hour
That a boy counts so much when saved from work.
His sister stood beside them in her apron
To tell them "Supper." At the word, the saw,
As if to prove saws knew what supper meant,
Leaped out at the boy's hand, or seemed to leap—
He must have given the hand. However it was,
Neither refused the meeting. But the hand!
The boy's first outcry was a rueful laugh,
As he swung toward them holding up the hand
Half in appeal, but half as if to keep
The life from spilling. Then the boy saw all—
Since he was old enough to know, big boy
Doing a man's work, though a child at heart—
He saw all spoiled. "Don't let him cut my hand off—
The doctor, when he comes. Don't let him, sister!"
So. But the hand was gone already.
The doctor put him in the dark of ether.
He lay and puffed his lips out with his breath.
And then—the watcher at his pulse took fright.
No one believed. They listened at his heart.
Little—less—nothing!—and that ended it.
No more to build on there. And they, since they
Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs.

1. Please read Chapters 9 and 10 of TEWWG! 
Notate for the following:

  • Identify how Janie is different in Chapter 10 in comparison to 9.
  • Identify the difference between how TeaCake treats Janie and how Jody treats Janie.
  • Your "Out, Out" poem is due on Tuesday, the 25th!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Dear Junior Honors Kids,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. We reviewed assignments due next week, such as the final 1/3 to your memoir assignment, which is due on THURSDAY. ACT 3 quiz will also take place on TUESDAY. Each student received a review sheet highlighting significant quotes and their corresponding quotes. This is also due on TUESDAY..

2. We then proceeded to act out ACT 3...SO WELL DONE!

3. We then discussed the possible areas in ACT 3 that could be identified as the CLIMAX. These are the three lines we felt highlighted the CLIMAX:
"NO!" (Elizabeth)
"You are the Devil's man. I go your way no more." (Mary Warren)
'I say... I say GOD is dead." (John Proctor)

4. We also reviewed WHY each of the above sections could be justified as the CLIMAX.
5. This was beneficial, as you will be given the opportunity to write an introductory and body paragraph as part of your ACT 3 QUIZ on Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Juniors,

I have included the body paragraph for you below that we wrote in relationship to the "hysteria theme topic." I hope this helps.

2. We started reading ACT 3

In Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, many universal and relevant themes exist. One such theme pertains to the topic of hysteria. Hysteria enables the people of Salem to view illogical behavior as acceptable, in that their neighbors,  whom they have always considered upstanding citizens, are now committing absurd and unbelievable crimes, such as killing babies and consorting with the devil. The characters of Samuel Parris, Mary Warren, and Abigail Williams accept and become actively involved in the hysterical climate, because it gives them the power to act on grudges and repressed feeling

1. Article #4 entitled "Paying the Price for her Silence" is due on FRIDAY!
2. We changed the due date for "DESK TOP TEACHING" to Wednesday, January 8th!
3. Remember that the final 1/3 for your memoir text is due on the 19th

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Dear Juniors,
If you missed class on Tuesday, we completed the following:
1. Students were introduced to a new assignment entitled "HELL, FIRE and DAMNATION SERMON." I have posted a copy of the assignment below. THIS IS DUE ON THURSDAY!

2. We completed reading ACT 2....Well done, Austin, Jessie, Natasha, Eli, and Roger

. An explanation was given regarding your "Hell, Fire and Damnation Sermon" which is due on Tuesday, December 7th. I have included a copy of the assignment for you below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hell, Fire, and Damnation….
DUE DATE:________________
Now that you have a greater concept of the Puritan’s strict code, and Rev. Parris’ verbal abuse toward his congregation (hell, hell, and more hell), it is time for you to write your own “Hell, Fire, and Damnation” sermon. You may choose to have your sermon follow a 1692 Puritan theme, or it may follow a 21st century theme where you discuss aspects of your modern culture which you, as the preacher, feel will bring mankind closer to hell. Below, you will find two examples of past sermons. The first one is more of a modern day version, and the second follows the Puritan code. When I’ve given this assignment in the past, some of my students have chosen to mock aspects in our society that they believe would bring us towards “Hell.” If you want to make fun of something go ahead and do so
Example #1
            The gapes of hell are beckoning you, for you have sinned and the wrath of God echoes through the halls of Timpanogos High School. He will seek to destruction if you do not change your licentious and carnal ways. Cursed be your name, as you have afflicted a public display of affection upon the innocent. The na├»ve eyes of the innocent victims, see you touch, kiss and caress in the halls, thus causing God to boil with rage. Learn self-control, young sinners, or the Fiend will continue to taunt and tease you with lustful ways. Your evil thoughts must be removed. It is not wise to know your fellow classmates as you do. Gather the strength in yourself and reach out to heaven, or God will cut off your hand if you reach for your “lover” in the halls again, and force you to take an endless ice cold shower.  You must control your desires. This is your crucible, your test, to prove to god that you can overcome such a weakness. Search for the light of God. If not, Lucifer will drag you down to his fiery chaotic realm, where you will have a “red light” placed above your head forever.
Example #2
            The pit is prepared, the fire is made ready, the furnace is now hot ready to receive them who have altered from the path of the Lord. The flames of hell now rage and glow with excitement, as they await the unjust. You have the power to be forgiven and repent. Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open, and stands at the door calling and crying with a loud voice to poor sinners; a say where many are flocking to him, and pressing into the kingdom of God. Many are daily coming from the east, west, north, and south; many that were very lately in the same miserable condition that you are in, are now in a happy state, with their hearts filled with love to him who has loved them, and washed them from their sins in his own blood, and rejoicing in hope of the glory of God. How awful is it to be left behind at such a day! To see so many others feasting, while you are perishing. If you do not come unto him, God will hold you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider, or some loathsome insect if the fire. Therefore, let everyone that is of Christ, awake and fly toward the redeemer before the fires of Hell burn your soul.
1.Your sermon must be TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED, using 12 POINT.
2. Your sermon should be at least ¾ in length.
3. Please structure your paper using MLA format.
4. You may use PASSIVE voice for this assignment as it is not an academic essay.
5. You must include one connection to The Crucible.  Please identify the connection with italicized/bold type.
6. You must include a minimum of TEN vocabulary words in your “sermon.” Please identify the vocabulary words through underlined/bold type.
2. We completed reading Act 2!

1. Your sermon is due on THURSDAY! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Dear Juniors,
LOVE YOUR GUTS! If you missed class, this is what we accomplished;

1. We completed reading Act 1 and we obtained all the quotes for each theme. PLEASE visit with one of your peers regarding the quotes.

2. We watched the end of Act 1

1. Study for Act 1 ...Check out the questions below for your practice quiz.

What to anticipate for the "quest"........
1. Character identification via descriptive sentences (no name back will be provided)
2. Character identification via quotes (who is speaking and who is being referred to within the text)
3. Theme identification and an explanation as to why the text constitute a particular theme
4. Well-written body paragraph based upon a chosen prompt.

PRACTICE QUIZ: For each question correctly answered on the practice quiz, 1/2 point of extra-credit will be added to your official quiz score.
Directions: Identify the speaker for the following quotes.

1."Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar." _________________
2. "What constitutes the reading of strange books, Mr. Hale?" _______________
3. "Here is the invisible world. In this book, the Devil stands stripped of all his brute disguises."
4. "Why am I constantly persecuted here? I am not use to this poverty. I left a thifty business in the Barbados." _________________
5. "I think she'll wake when she tires of it." ________________
6. "That tract is in my bounds. My bounds, sir. It stands clear in my grandfather's will that everything from the north pasture on wards is......" ___________________
7. "Witchery is a hang'in error like they done in Boston two year ago. We'll only be whipped for the danc'in." ________________
8. "I know it, sir. I sent my child--she should learn from Tituba who murdered her sisters." __________
9. "The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone, and I must tell you all that I shall not proceed unless you are prepared to believe me." ________________
10. "Abby, put it out of mind. I'll not be coming for you more." _____________________