Thursday, December 16, 2010

ACT 2 Vocabulary Quiz is FRIDAY!

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. I returned every student's "Hell, Fire and Damnation" assignment.
2. I also returned each student's Irony Essay.
3. We then read Act 2 Scene 2 in The Crucible. This is a scene that Arthur Miller did not include in the original production of the play. Since that time, many directors have not included the scene in their production, as it gives the audience feelings of pity and empathy for Abby.

4. We then watched ACT 2 on the film.
5. We then played Vocabulary Bingo using the words from ACT 2.


Monday, December 13, 2010

ACT 2 quiz was administered today!

Dear Juniors,

We completed the following today:
I collected everyone's flashcards and study guides at the beginning of class.

1. We took a few minutes and reviewed for your Act 2 quiz.
2. We took and then corrected the quiz.
3. We then obtained the themes for Act 2

1. "Article #6" involves completing some research on the topic of "Cognitive Dissodence." Yes, that's right. Your "article" will actually be the information you obtain concerning this topic.You may use the Internet as your source, or you are welcome to use a psychology book. Please research "Cognitive Dissidence" and find a source that is a minimum of one page in length. Please annotate/notate it with a total of 7-10 annotations/notations and use all your colors. THIS IS DUE ON WED., DEC. 15th! Make sure you know how this psychological disorder relates to The Crucible.

2. Your vocabulary quiz for Act 2 will take place on Friday!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

We completed ACT 2 in class!

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. We had an assembly today, so our class time was shorter than usual.  So, we obtained the themes for Act 2 and then we completed Act 2.
2. Everyone submitted Article #5.

1. QUIZ on MONDAY covering Act 2. You will have quotes, aspects related to the characters, questions regarding events within the act, and questions from your study guide.
2. Create flashcards for your vocabulary words for ACT 2. The cards are due on MONDAY!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, December 6, 2010

We continued with ACT 2

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class, this is what we accomplished:

1. Journal #7: "Crucible: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
ALL OF YOU: Tell me what you think this quote means...."Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Justify your explanation. How does this quote relate to events within The Crucible?

GENTLEMEN: Please reflect on a moment in your 16 or 17 years of existence when you genuinely angered a female. Please tell me about the circumstances behind her fury. What was the final result?

LADIES: Please reflect on a moment when you have genuinely been angered by a male. Tell me why you were so angry. What happened? Please include specifics in your response.

2.  We continued by obtaining the themes associated with Act 2 for the section we had read up to that point.

3. We continued with reading ACT 2

1. Article #5 is due on Thursday.
2. Complete study guide questions for Act 2
3. Review your vocabulary words.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can fear cause you to compromise your integrity?

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. Journal #6: Crucible: "Paying the price for her silence"
             This article should have affected you! What emotions did you experience? What is your opinion regarding the young lady focused in the article? How can fear cause someone to compromise their integrity? How could she have watched the attack upon the counselor and DO NOTHING to stop it? Why do people choose NOT TO ACT in times when ACTION is needed most? Consider your own character. Would you sit back and watch or would you act. Don't tell me that it depends on the situation. Are you a "doer" or a "watcher?"


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Act One Quiz

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. An explanation was given regarding your "Hell, Fire and Damnation Sermon" which is due on Tuesday, December 7th. I have included a copy of the assignment for you below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hell, Fire, and Damnation….
DUE DATE:________________
Now that you have a greater concept of the Puritan’s strict code, and Rev. Parris’ verbal abuse toward his congregation (hell, hell, and more hell), it is time for you to write your own “Hell, Fire, and Damnation” sermon. You may choose to have your sermon follow a 1692 Puritan theme, or it may follow a 21st century theme where you discuss aspects of your modern culture which you, as the preacher, feel will bring mankind closer to hell. Below, you will find two examples of past sermons. The first one is more of a modern day version, and the second follows the Puritan code. When I’ve given this assignment in the past, some of my students have chosen to mock aspects in our society that they believe would bring us towards “Hell.” If you want to make fun of something go ahead and do so
Example #1
            The gapes of hell are beckoning you, for you have sinned and the wrath of God echoes through the halls of Timpanogos High School. He will seek to destruction if you do not change your licentious and carnal ways. Cursed be your name, as you have afflicted a public display of affection upon the innocent. The na├»ve eyes of the innocent victims, see you touch, kiss and caress in the halls, thus causing God to boil with rage. Learn self-control, young sinners, or the Fiend will continue to taunt and tease you with lustful ways. Your evil thoughts must be removed. It is not wise to know your fellow classmates as you do. Gather the strength in yourself and reach out to heaven, or God will cut off your hand if you reach for your “lover” in the halls again, and force you to take an endless ice cold shower.  You must control your desires. This is your crucible, your test, to prove to god that you can overcome such a weakness. Search for the light of God. If not, Lucifer will drag you down to his fiery chaotic realm, where you will have a “red light” placed above your head forever.
Example #2
            The pit is prepared, the fire is made ready, the furnace is now hot ready to receive them who have altered from the path of the Lord. The flames of hell now rage and glow with excitement, as they await the unjust. You have the power to be forgiven and repent. Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open, and stands at the door calling and crying with a loud voice to poor sinners; a say where many are flocking to him, and pressing into the kingdom of God. Many are daily coming from the east, west, north, and south; many that were very lately in the same miserable condition that you are in, are now in a happy state, with their hearts filled with love to him who has loved them, and washed them from their sins in his own blood, and rejoicing in hope of the glory of God. How awful is it to be left behind at such a day! To see so many others feasting, while you are perishing. If you do not come unto him, God will hold you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider, or some loathsome insect if the fire. Therefore, let everyone that is of Christ, awake and fly toward the redeemer before the fires of Hell burn your soul.
1.Your sermon must be TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED, using 12 POINT.
2. Your sermon should be at least ¾ in length.
3. Please structure your paper using MLA format.
4. You may use PASSIVE voice for this assignment as it is not an academic essay.
5. You must include one connection to The Crucible.  Please identify the connection with italicized/bold type.
6. You must include a minimum of five vocabulary words from ACT 1 in your “sermon.” Please identify the vocabulary words through underlined/bold type.
2. We completed and graded the quiz for Act 1.
3. We then read the transcript from the trial of Sarah Good, one of the first individuals falsely accused of witchcraft in Salem.

1. "Hell, Fire and Damnation Sermon" is due on Tuesday, December 7th.
2. Article of the Week #4 is due on Friday.