Monday, December 13, 2010

ACT 2 quiz was administered today!

Dear Juniors,

We completed the following today:
I collected everyone's flashcards and study guides at the beginning of class.

1. We took a few minutes and reviewed for your Act 2 quiz.
2. We took and then corrected the quiz.
3. We then obtained the themes for Act 2

1. "Article #6" involves completing some research on the topic of "Cognitive Dissodence." Yes, that's right. Your "article" will actually be the information you obtain concerning this topic.You may use the Internet as your source, or you are welcome to use a psychology book. Please research "Cognitive Dissidence" and find a source that is a minimum of one page in length. Please annotate/notate it with a total of 7-10 annotations/notations and use all your colors. THIS IS DUE ON WED., DEC. 15th! Make sure you know how this psychological disorder relates to The Crucible.

2. Your vocabulary quiz for Act 2 will take place on Friday!