Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We completed (well, almost) "The Birthmark" today in class!

Dear Juniors,

I sincerely hope you have a relaxing "Fall Break." Remember that upon your return, you only have TWO WEEKS prior to the end of first term. WOW! Time flies when one is having fun!

 This is what we accomplished in class (October 13, 2010):

Journal #7: "CLONING vs. "THE BIRTHMARK"
                Please return to the green sheet that we worked on together last class period. Refer to the themes that we discussed. Choose one of the themes, and justify why "Article #6" relates to that particular theme. In addition, share your insights regarding cloning.  Answer the article's question, "Is cloning good or bad?"

2. We reviewed and submitted the vocabulary words that students identified as needing clarification. Well done, I am proud of you!

3. We then continued with "The Birthmark." Hawthorne uses elevated language and themes, so we started reading page 6 and then stopped on page 9 (for A1). I ask that you don't finish at home, but read up to where your class ended. We will complete the story together in class.

Enjoy your holiday, my young friends.