Friday, October 22, 2010

Your FINAL EXAM was introduced to you today...October 21st, 2010!

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:
1. Your final exam for short stories was explained. I have indicated the four options below; however, please pick up the handout detailing your exam when you return to class on Monday. YOUR FINAL is due ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27th. PLEASE SAVE YOUR ESSAY TO YOUR ENGLISH USB, and HAVE TWO COPIES of the ESSAY with you on Wednesday! PLEASE BRING THE USB with you TO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY! You have four options for the test:

Select one film from the list below and write a five paragraph essay discussing the THREE DIFFERENT TYPES of IRONY found within the film you select. Each body paragraph would focus on a different example of irony found within the film. You must assume that your reader has NO SCHEMA on the film, nor your topic; consequently, you will need to thoroughly explain events within the film.
    • The Others
    • Watcher in the Woods
    • The Village
    • The Sixth Sense
    • What Lies Beneath
    • The Illustionist
    • The Prestigue
    • Lady in White
    • Salt
Select one film from the above list and discuss ONE TYPE of IRONY found within the movie. Each body paragraph would pertain to three examples of the one type of irony found within the film.

Select three different short stories we have discussed, and write a five paragraph essay where you review ONE ASPECT of IRONY found within the different stories. For example, you may elect to discuss verbal irony found within "The Landlady," "The Birthmark," and "The Dinner Party." Each body paragraph would pertain to a specific short story and the verbal irony (or the irony you select) found within it.

Select ONE TYPE OF IRONY found within ONE SHORT STORY, and write a five paragraph essay where you discuss that particular type of irony. For example, you may select to discuss VERBAL IRONY found within "The Landlady." Each body paragraph would pertain to an example of Verbal Irony found within the short story.

2. We identified all of the elements of irony in each short story. Visit with someone else in class to obtain this information.

3. I helped everyone write the introductory paragraph for their essay.

4. We read "The Wife's Story" together in class. While we read we completed Journal #9, "Inferences in "The Wife's Story"
As we read "The Wife's Story," please make inferences based upon the specific lines of text given to you.

NOTE: "The Wife's Story" is an exceptional tale, as you are "tricked" into believing something that is completely different than the reality behind what is actually taking place in the story.

4. We reviewed your journal entries, as those are also due on Wednesday, October 27th. You will have eleven entries total. We started working on Journal #10 in class, but we did not complete it. You will completed Journal #11 in class on Monday.
Journal #10 "Favorite vs. Least Favorite"
Identify your favorite and your least favorite short story. Explain your choices to me. Please go beyond "I just like it," and "I don't like." Tell me WHY for both stories, my young friends.

1. Please remember that your Article #7 is due on Monday. You are annotating/notating with blue and purple; 5-8 annotations/notations/page.
2. Your Five Paragraph Essay revision is also due on Monday. Please remember to bring your first draft with you to class, as I need to make sure that you have completed your revisions.
3. START WORKING on your FINAL EXAM for short stories.