Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We had a visitor today in class...Rosie!

Dear Juniors,

We completed the following today in class:

1. Journal #3 "Afghan Woman Punished"
                Tell me how this article made you feel and why you experienced those emotions. List five of your total questions that you consider the strongest. Basically, which of your questions, in your opinion, would cause another individual to think about, or even question, events indicated within the article.

2. We then completed another journal entry entitled Journal #4" : Times of Crisis. This entry is different than others as it has three questions to it:
                 1. How do you handle dangerous situations that could cause panic? Do you act or react? Do you consider yourself a calm individual, especially concerning aspects that might cause pandemonium, or would you say that you have a more "stressed" and "anxious" type of character?
                  2. We then read the short story "The Dinner Party."
                  3. Then we answered the next question for the Journal #4.  According to one character      within "The Dinner Party," women have a tendency to over react in times of crisis. Tell me why this belief is ironic, especially regarding events within the story.
                  4. Our guest then "revealed" herself. We then responded to the third part of the journal entry. If you had known that Rosie was in the room, prior to our discussion, would your reaction to entering the room have been any different? Would there have been a "crisis" with you? Explain.

3. I then introduced the short story called "The Open Window" by Saki. Each student was given a handout entitled "Meet the Author" where I gave information concerning Saki. Prior to reading each short story, I will give you information regarding the author.

4. We then discussed the title of the work....."The Open Window," as it is highly symbolic.

5. Finally, we watched a video clip by Madanna entitled "Oh, Father." The music video is highly symbolic.

6. Students completed their final Journal Entry of the day (Journal #5: "Madonna's symbols") As you watch the music video, record all the symbols used and what they represent.

1. Remember that your Five Paragraph Essay revision is due on Friday.
2. I gave each student their "Article of the Week #4" entitled  "One Day your Pants May Power Up Your Ipod." The annotations and notations for this article are up to you, but you must select only one color!  Five  to Eight annotations/notations/page and this is due on Tuesday, October 5th.
3. Please read  "The Open Window" for Friday....Plan on a quiz.