Thursday, September 2, 2010

If you missed class on Thursday, September 2nd... SHAME on YOU!

Dear Junior English Students,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:

I explained your homework assignments to you:
1. I explained the "Article a Week" assignment. You will receive an article a week, usually on a Monday or a Tuesday, but the days may change.You are to annotate the article using particular colors: WHAT DOES ANNOTATE MEAN, Crampton? "ANNOTATE" means to underline text in order to strengthen understanding. "NOTATE" means to record information nex to text in order to strengthen understanding.

So.........Your first annotated article is due on Thursday, September 9th!
  • If you  find a section of text confusing then you would underline it using BROWN.
  • If you are able to make a connection ot your own life then you would underline that section of text using your PURPLE.
  • Another way to annotate is by asking QUESTIONS about the text. RED is the color you will use for this annotation.
  • If you come across a VOCABULARY word that you don't know use YELLOW!
  • If a piece of text touches you emotionally, then BLUE is the color for that annotation.
  • If a piece of writing is poetic to you, then use BLACK!
  • If text gives you a different perspective then GREEN is your annotation color.
  • ORANGE is the color you will use if you come across text that you find interesting.
Your homework is to read this article. and then annotate it with 7-10 annotations/page. In addition, you are to include a notation for each annotation.

2. We also practiced writing THESIS STATEMENTS in class. Remember that a THESIS is your opinion plus three valid reasons. We practiced thesis statements in class.