Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WEDNESDAY, September 15th

Dear Junior English students,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. JOURNAL #2 "In Defense of the Five Paragraph Essay."
                  Kerri Smith, the author of "article of the week #2" praises the "Five Paragraph Essay" format. Why does she say the five paragraph structure is so significant to students? Tell me what you thought of the article regarding ANY points of interest. Now,  my young friends, justify your English teacher's reasoning for actually beginning the year with the Five Paragraph Essay.

2. Everyone submitted their article of the week to me.

3. We worked in our groups to complete our individual parts and then compile the sections for a unite whole. Well done, guys!

4. We then looked at two five paragraph essay written by former students. The Odyssey essay is quite strong. The Alice in Wonderland is not.


1. I believe you are ready to write your own five paragraph paper. We have practiced together, and you have practiced on your own! Please follow the instructions listed below. YOU NEED TO HAVE THE TRIANGLE ready for class on FRIDAY, as we will go to the lab for you to type your essay. I will place some triangles outside the door for those of you that missed class.

Final Five Paragraph Essay
Instructions and Prompts


1. Dear Juniors,
You will have the opportunity to “prove” that you understand how to write a strong five paragraph essay. I am asking that you select from one of the following prompts, triangle your work (in color), return with the triangle and then we will head to the writing lab for you to write your essay. Your triangle and your completed five paragraph essay are due by the end of the period on  _________________________.

2. To assist with your assignment, you may use any practice work we completed together in class. In addition, you may use any homework assignment you completed


  1. Does the use of performance enhancing drugs violate the “spirit of sports?” Is there an ethical difference between using performance enhancing drugs and using performing enhancing technologies in nutrition, training, and equipment? What are your views on this subject?

  1. Increasing reports of bullying can be partially attributed to the popularity of violent video games. The 2008 study “Grave Theft Childhood” reported that 60 % of middle aged school boys who played at least one mature-rated game hit or beat up someone, compared to 39% of boys that did not play mature-rated games. Video games often reward players for simulating violence, and thus enhance the learning of violent behaviors. What are your views on this topic?

  1. Should the words “under god” be included in the Pledge of Allegiance? Many individuals believe that school children are being coerced and the Pledge of Allegiance is a violation of church and state. The government should not be asking impressionable school children to affirm their allegiance to God at the same time that they are pledging their allegiance to the country. Indicate your views on this topic?

  1. Should felons be allowed the right to vote? If you are a convicted felon, why do we want people with that type of judgment selecting our representative? Barring felons from voting is one way society sends the message that committing a serious crime has serious consequences. Indicate your views on this topic?

  1. Should marijuana be a medical option? Evidence indicates that marijuana can relieve certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by such illness as multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS, or by the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat them. Marijuana is less toxic than many drugs that physicians prescribe every day. Indicate your views on this topic.

  1. Social networking sites entice people to spend more time online and less time interacting face-to-face. The sites offer time wasting activities that supplant more productive activities. Indicate your views on this topic.

Take care, Juniors