Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What did we do in class today, Crampton?

Dear Junior English Students,

"What did we do in class," you ask?
"Well, let me enlighten you!"

1. We completed your first journal entry. From now on you will experience a journal entry each class period.

JOURNAL ENTRY #1 entitled "Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges"/ Article #1

Please use your annotated article to respond to the following journal prompt.

After reading and annotating the article, identify two points of interest from the article. In addition, indicate two points that you found confusing, and then two points that you found emotional. Tell me about those "colors." Basically, why were you interested, confused, and emotionally connected to the text?  Next, justify your opinion regarding the prosecution of minors as adults. I look forward to your response.

NOTE: We had a great discussion on the article. Well done, juniors!

2. I gave each student a copy of "Article of the Week #2" entitled "In defense of the five paragraph essay." For homework,  please annotate and notate the article with 7-10 annotations/page.

3. We practiced writing introductory and concluding paragraphs. Visit with with me about the structure for these paragraphs.

1. Read "Article of the Week #2" and annotate/notate with 7-10 annotations/page. This assignment is due on Wed. Sept. 15

2. Complete the practice prompts for Introductory and Concluding paragraphs. PLEASE SEE ME IF YOU MISSED CLASS!