Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If you missed class on Tuesday, September 7th...

Dear Junior English Students,

If you missed class today, we completed the following:

1. I returned your colored practice paragraph and your "Where I stand." assignment.
2. We discussed your homework for the previous class period involving thesis statements. Remember that a THESIS STATEMENT is YOUR OPINION and THREE REASONS.
3. We then reviewed passive vs. active voice.
4. Finally, we selected one of the thesis statements you wrote for homework and then we "triangled" the three body paragraphs together in class.

1. I asked students to write the three body paragraph that we triangled in class. This is due on Thursday!
2. Students were reminded that their annotated (7-10/page) article entitled "Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges" is due on Thursday.

Please let me know if I can assist you in any way. A few of you are missing class, and this is a concern for me.