Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wed., September 7th

If you missed class on Wed., September 7th...Shame on You!

Dear Juniors,

The following image relates to your "Article of the Week #3" that was given to you in class today. If you missed class, please see me in order to obtain a copy.. Your homework regarding this article is due on Thursday, September 15th. Please annotate/notate using ONLY RED/7-10/page! PLEASE collect an article from me if you missed class.

I think you will more greatly appreciate the freedoms you possess as citizens of the United States of America after you read, annotate and notate the article. Please notate the article using only RED. So, your notations need to appear in the form of questions for this article.

2. Journal #2 "Why boys don't like chick books"
Return to your article, cute kids, and identify the BLUE and PURPLE aspects that you annotated. Please include a minimum of three each. So, indicate what points you made an emotional connection and personal connection with, as well. Next, select ONE line from the article that you found insightful. Justify your response.

3. Next we reviewed the 8 sentence structure for strong body paragraphs. We color coded both paragraphs in order to make sure they contained the required parts. We learned that the first example does not have enough COMMENTARY or GREEN.

Paragraph Examples
Due to the pain that one feels during post surgery, scientists and doctors use new medicines to help patients through pain relief. However, many drugs fail to provide sufficient relief due to the weakness of the drugs. For example, Stephen Aaron, a middle-aged man from Salt Lake City, Utah, recently required back surgery. He received morphine to help cope with the pain he felt, however, the pain pushed through the medicine to a point where he found it almost unbearable. The drugs couldn't provide the relief he required, and unfortunately legalized marijuana isn't an option in Utah. Very few people react negatively to marijuana Allergic reaction reports seem to come up very seldom and far in between. These reasons help indicate why medical marijuana should become an option in all states.

#2 (with more commentary/support)

Due to post surgery pain, medical professionals use new medicines to assist patients with pain relief. Unfortunately, many drugs fail to provide sufficient help. For example, Stephen Aaron, a middle-aged man from Salt Lake City, Utah, recently required back surgery. He received morphine to help cope with the strong post surgery discomfort; however, the morphine did not ease his pain. If current pain options cease to alleviate patient pain, then other avenues need consideration. According to one study conducted by the U.S. Society for Neuroscience, “Careful studies show marijuana directly interferes with pain signaling in the nervous system.. This insight may lead to a new class of pain killers. Patients suffering from spinal cord injuries and the ill effects of chemotherapy will find pain relief through the use of marijuana” (Joy, Stanley, and Benson). A second study sponsored by the Healthcare Regularly Agency (HRA) indicated that the 200 individuals used in the study “found the use of marijuana most effective, particularly regarding pain relief and improved sleep” (Armenteno). If Mr. Aaron had taken marijuana for his pain, he would have recovered more quickly and experienced less side effects from the surgery. Unfortunately, the use of medical marijuana creates a barrier in the state of Utah. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia permit the use of medical marijuana (Seimons). If approved throughout the United States, medical marijuana would decrease pain experienced by those recovering from surgery and other illnesses.

2. Students selected the topic for their eight sentence paragraph. If you missed class then please come see me so you can choose your topic. The paragraph is due on Friday.