Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Dear Juniors,

"Well, let me enlighten you, cute kids!"

1. We completed our "plate paragraphs" and submitted them for participation points.
2. We then worked in groups concerning five different topics. Students were asked to discuss the topic and then triangle their ideas using the color coding method. Then, on an individual basis, they were asked to write the body paragraph for the triangle that they had just created with the members in their groups.

1. Article #2 is due on Wednesday. You may use ALL your COLORS /7-10 annotations/notations for each page. Only one annotation and notation are required for the last page.
2. We will have a quiz on WED. where you practice writing a body paragraph by yourself. Each student will select from one of the following topics;
  • Prayer in school
  • Uniforms
  • Taking the ACT
  • Mosque at Ground Zero
  • Year Round School
REVIEW the paragraph structure. You are welcome to create a triangle to record ideas in order to assist you with your paragraph .

Enjoy your weekend!