Monday, January 31, 2011

Independent Reading Assignment !

Dear Juniors,4
If you missed class, we completed the following today:

1. We discussed the English course offerings for next year.The counseling department will meet with you on Wednesday to review the courses you need for graduation. Please come to English first, so that I can take roll and then we will walk down together.
2. You were then introduced to a new assignment entitled  "Independent Reading."  In essence this assignment involves choosing a book from the Junior English Book List provided for you, and then viewing the film version of the text. Your final assessment involves writing a comparison and contrast essay where you discuss the book and the film. If you missed class, please visit with me, so that I can give you the handout detailing the assignment and the due dates for completion.
3. Journal #12: "What would I ask Mr. Miller?"
What questions did you identify for your annotations/notations completed for Article #3? If Arthur Miller was available to you right now, what would you ask him? What aspects regarding The Crucible would you want him to discuss with you? Indicate your SIX strongest questions, and then justify why you feel they are relevant to ask the author.

4. We then obtained themes for "Revenge" and selected parts for ACT 4!