Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Desk Top Teaching Explained!

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class on Thursday, January 6th, we completed the following:

1. A new assignment entitled "Desk Top Teaching" was explained and demonstrated. This is a vocabulary teaching strategy. Each student found a vocabulary word from Act 3 taped to their desk. If you missed class, please visit with me, so I can give you a word and SHOW YOU how this assignment works.

2. We completed Journal Entry #7 Crucible: Should Age Determine Punishment?
In your opinion, should a criminal's age or circumstance exonerate them from punishment? If one commits a crime, shouldn't they be held accountable for their actions? Do you think the offenders in "Article A#7" receive just sentences for their involvement in the "Cottage Attempted Murder" story? Explain your response. Why, according to your article, did these troubled teens commit such a callous (sorry I couldn't resist) act? How can you connect  events within "Article A#7" to The Crucible?