Friday, January 21, 2011

We completed ACT 3 of THE CRUCIBLE!

Dear Juniors,

Enjoy your weekend. Please note your HOMEWORK assignments below:

1. Complete study guide questions for ACT 3
2. STUDY for your ACT 3 quiz which will take place on Tuesday!

We completed the following during class:
1. Everyone submitted their "Crucible Character Analysis"....If you missed class, then you will need to submit your analysis with your new homework coupon, as you have known about the assignment for two week!
2. We completed reading ACT 3 and obtaining the themes for the rest of Act 3.
3. We then completed Journal #10: entitled "Integrity Test." I gave the following scenarios to each class regarding their integrity. They responded with how they would act in the following situations.

          a. You would like a bowl of cereal. The only milk in the refrigerator belongs to your roommate, and there is just one bowl's worth left. What do you do?
          b. On the day a relative let you use his/her season tickets for a Jazz game, the seats are randomly selected as winners for two round-trip tickets to London. What do you do?
          c. You hear your "circle of friends" gossiping about one of your favorite teachers. What do you do?
          d. At a friend's house, you accidentally break something of value. No one saw this happen. What do you do?
          e. An item you purchased on sale last week goes back to full price. When you return it, the clerk give you a full-price refund.
          f. You're selling your used car that you know has unidentifiable defects.
          g. As you approach the movie theater, the back door to the previous movie is open and you can just walk in to the theater. What do you do?
          h. You see your best-friend cheating on an exam that you have spent so much time preparing to take. What do you do?

4. We continued class, by watching a clip from the film entitled Good Night and Good Luck.  The clip concerns the injustice regarding Joseph McCarthy's questioning of a woman named Annie Moss; McCarthy claimed that she was a communist. This particular trial scene was unjust, and was the focus for Arthur Miller's portrayal of the trial scene in ACT 3. We did not finish watching the clip, so we will continue with this when I see you on Tuesday.