Tuesday, November 2, 2010

THE CRUCIBLE continued....

Dear Juniors,

1. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR RESEARCH assignment is due on Thursday. Allow me to remind you of the requirements:
  • 1. A list of the points concerning your specific topic that you found interesting.
  • 2. An include annotated/notated (10-15) copy of the source I gave you.
  • 3. An included annotated/notated copy of the additional source you found via the Internet.
  • 4. Works Citation page indicating your sources (Remember that I gave you the citation information for the source I shared with you in class. You must reference both sources.)
2. We completed the "Story Synopsis" that you received last class period. Please make sure you obtain this information from another student.

3. We watched a clip from Monte Python and the Holy Grail concerning witches. You had a journal entry concerning the clip;

Journal #2:
 Crucible: How does the clip from Monte Python relate to events within The Crucible?

4. We then went to the writing lab where we participated in an interactive website regarding the Salem witch trials of 1692. If you missed class, you will need to complete the exercise involving the website at home. The following is the address: www.nationalgeographic.com/features/97/salem/
In order to complete the assignment associated with the website please respond to the following. Print off a copy of your responses in association with the interactive web page.

Instructions: Please read through the "Introduction" on the website.
                      Please read through the "Prologue" and answer the following questions:

1. According to 1 Peter5:8. Satan can find representation in what animal?
2. In your opinion, why does this animal seem a fitting metaphor for the devil?
3. What kind of town was Salem?
4. What divisive issue plagued the town of Salem?
5. In 1689 who was the first religious lead in Salem?
6. Why did so many villagers despise the reverend?
7. Who mesmerized Betty and Abigail with exciting stories?
8. Identify the three women initially accused of witchcraft?
9. What did Tituba tell the villagers?

Now clip on "Experience the Trials." Proceed through this interactive activity to have a concept for what Salem was like in 1692.  In a well developed paragraph, indicate your thoughts and feelings regarding what you read. You may use first person pronouns in your response.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!