Friday, March 30, 2012

03/29/12 and 03/27/2012

Dear Juniors,
If you missed class on either Tuesday or Thursday, we completed the following:

1. On Tuesday we discussed your upcoming CRT exam. The exam is scheduled for April 17th, 19th and the 23rd! We will review a little each day to help you prepare for the exam. Today you were introduced to the LATIN ROOTS. YOU WILL HAVE A QUIZ covering the roots on MONDAY, April 2nd. I have included the roots for you below.

1. cracy=government
2. demo=people
3. dia=across
4. dom=rule
5. dyna=power
6. fid=faith
8. ject=to throw
9. lent=full of
10. liber=freedom
11. phile=love
12. photo=light
13. spir=breathe
14. sym=together
15. tract=to pull
16. trib=to pay
17. bene=good
18. vita=life
19. vore=eat greedily
20. ad=toward

We then worked in our groups and completed the final memoir section. We then went to the lab and worked on our power point presentations regarding our memoir assignment.

1. PREPARE for your Latin Roots quiz, cute kids!

Each of the following words contains a Greek or Latin root that is one of those on the State Core list for 11th grade roots. WITHOUT USING YOUR NOTES (John Proctor is watching), identify the root and the meaning for the following roots.