Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Juniors-
It is time to consider preparing for your exam concerning poetry. We have analyzed several pieces together and now it is time to use the TPCASTT method without the assistance of myself or your peers. Actually, that isn't entirely true, you may select 2 of the five to obtain assistance from either myself and/or your peers.

You will "blindly" select two of the 5 poems indicated below. You won't know which pieces you will select until the day of your test, which is Friday.

How do I prepare, Mrs. Crampton?
Relax, as I will give you class time to work on this, but the best way ti prepare is to TPCASTT each poem.

Can I use my TPCASTT notes during the test?
Of course! In fact, I will require your to submit a TPCASTT format sheet for each of the poems. However, your exam involves writing an analysis for only two of the pieces. You will submit all the TPCASTT format and the two 8 sentence (minimum) analysis on Friday.

YOU CAN DO THIS, CUTE KIDS, because you are smart, and you are going to prepare! I am aware that you will need to THINK, and THINK hard, but I believe in you!

The following pieces of poetry will be the focus for your exam. Each student who attended class received a hard copy of the poems and 5 TPCASTT format sheets.

If you missed class, please locate the poems via the internet! You can obtain the TDCASTT format sheets from me.

#1. "On Reading Poems to a Senior Class at South High."
by D.C. Berry

#2. "A Work of Artifice"
by Marge Piercy

#3. "The Man He Killed"
by Thomas Hardy

#4. "To Make Use"
by Marge Piercy

#5. "The Letter"
by Jane Kenyon