Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

Dear Juniors,

        If you missed class on Friday , April 27th, we completed the following:
1. Introducing info. regarding Gothic Literature was reviewed. Obtain this info form someone in class.

2. We discussed the significance of a "frame story." Obtain the definition from someone in class.

3. We discussed the 6 Primary characters of  "Turn of the Screw"
  •      The Governess
  •       Mrs. Grose
  •       Quint
  •       Mrs. Jessel
  •       Flora
  •       Miles     
4. Journal #2 "Gothic Traits found in  The Changeling"
Students viewed a clip for the Gothic horror movie called The Changeling, and then identified the Gothic elements found in the film

May 1st, 2012

If you missed class Tuesday May 1st, 2012, you missed the following:

1. We completed the Introducing info. (yellow sheet)

2. We discussed the significance of Color Symbolism in literature. The following aspects can easily be associated with the indicated colors

RED: Love, Passion, War, Violence and Anger
BLACK: Sophistication, Death, Evil, Fear, Mystery and Mourning
WHITE: Purity, Innocence, Peace, Dream-like and Trust
BLUE: Honor, Loyalty, Honesty, Peace, Cold and Harsh
PURPLE: Royalty, Wisdom, Age and Depression
PINK: Hope, Youth and Femininity
ORANGE: Warning, Life, Vitality, Energy, Attention and Warmth
GOLD: Class, Money, Power, Nostalgia, Untrustworthy and Shallow
SILVER: Wealth, Betrayal, Depression and Uncertainty
GRAY: Wisdom, Mystery, Hiding and Neutrality
BROWN: Poverty, Common Man, Earth, Honest, Simplicity and Reliable
GREEN: Envy, Jealousy, Money, Life and Hope

1. Quiz covering the intro info for Gothic Literature is Thursday.
2. Please read the first 4 paragraphs on your Synopsis handout.
3. Develop 5 Questions pertaining to the info. you read for #2