Monday, May 9, 2011

CRT Testing ......STOP MISSING CLASS (Friday, May 5th) and Chapter 3 (Tuesday, May 10th)

Dear Juniors,
For those of you that were in class on Friday, well done with completing the CRT! For those of you that missed class, or you were unable to complete your test, you will need to complete the test during your scheduled class period. GUYS, STOP MISSING CLASS! STOP IT!

If you missed Friday......
1. Students submitted their symbolism sheets and study guides for chapter 2.
2. We then took the CRT

1. Prepare for a quiz covering Chapter 1 and 2 on Tuesday!

1. We discussed the symbolism sheet that students submitted on Friday.
2. We completed the synopsis sheet for chapter 1 and 2. 
3.Journal #5 "Dream" 
Part 1: What is your dream? Describe in detail how you visualize your ideal future. How will you reach your dream? What will it look like, be like, and feel like when you obtain your dream?

Part 2:What will you do if your dream becomes impossible due to circumstances outside your control?

Part 3: What will you do when you achieve your dream? Where will you go or what you will you do next? 

3. We discussed  responses to the journey entry.

4. We started Chapter three.....the "Party" chapter!

1. Complete your take-home quiz for chapter 1 and 2. The quiz is due on Thursday. Please type your responses
2. Complete reading Chapter 3. Prepare to discuss the chapter on Thursday