Sunday, May 1, 2011


Dear Juniors,
If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. We completed the "Introductory Quiz" covering the 1920's.
2. We then continued class by discussing COLOR SYMBOLISM. Fitzgerald uses many different colors in The Great Gatsby to illustrate other aspects. If you know what those colors represent, then you will understand characters within the novel to a greater extent.
RED: passion, love, anger, aggression, assertiveness
BLUE: honor, integrity, peace, tranquility
WHITE: peace, innocence, dream-like, purity
YELLOW: money, wealth, vitality, sickness
ORANGE: realistic, energy, genuine, natural
GREEN: money, jealousy, greed, unrealistic
PURPLE/VIOLET: royalty, wisdom, age, intellect
BROWN: poor, natural, earthy, genuine
SILVER: betrayal (Judas), money, falsehood
GOLD: wealth, money, shallow

We obtained the above information during class. If you missed class, and therefore do not have the handout that I gave each student, please print off the above information on color symbolism and place it in your notebook.

I had planned to show a clip from Edward Scissor Hands, but our time was too short; therefore, you will see the clip on Monday and respond to the following journal entry.

Journal #5: Great Gatsby/Edward Scissor Hands
Explain the director's color choices. What meaning is conveyed about the two primary characters and the place they live through the use of color?

Please read the article that I gave each of you concerning "The American Dream." Please annotate/notate the article with 7-10/page/using ALL your COLORS!