Wednesday, May 18, 2011

chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 of THE GREAT GATSBY

Dear Juniors,
STOP MISSING CLASS, cute kids! In addition, if you must leave class early due to athletic events or CRT make-up testing, then let me know that you will be leaving early so that we can discuss what you will miss during class. Don't just get up and walk out! RUDE! Hell hath no fury like Kori Crampton scorned.

1. We reviewed Chapters 5 and 6 today in class, and then we moved on to Chapter 7.
2. Each student was given a chart indicating four different cars concerning what happens in Chapter 7. We proceeded to complete the handout together in class.
3. I asked everyone to read 1/2 of chapter 7 up to page 131 for today. We then listened to the second half of Chapter 7 from an audio CD, and I finished reading the rest of Chapter 7 to both classes. This is a significant chapter as the climax takes place here.
4. We also completed Chapter 7 study guide as we listened to the audio CD in class for Chapter 7.

1. Please read Chapter 8 and complete your study guide questions for Chapter 8.
2. I will collect your study guide on Tuesday.
3. Your journals will also be due on Tuesday!