Thursday, September 6, 2012

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Dear Juniors,

The following image relates to your "Article of the Week #3" that was given to you in class today. If you missed class, please see me in order to obtain a copy.. Your homework regarding this article is due on Thursday, September 13th. Please annotate/notate using ONLY RED/7-10/page! PLEASE collect an article from me if you missed class.

I think you will more greatly appreciate the freedoms you possess as citizens of the United States of America after you read, annotate and notate the article. Please notate the article using only RED. So, your notations need to appear in the form of questions for this article.
 . We completed your first journal entry. From now you will experience a journal entry on a more frequent basis.

JOURNAL ENTRY #3 entitled "Boy, 12, faces grown up murder charges"/ Article #1

Please use your annotated article to respond to the following journal prompt.

After reading and annotating the article, identify two points of interest from the article. In addition, indicate two points that caused you to question, and then two points that you found emotional. Tell me about those "colors." Basically, why were you interested, what did you question, and what caused you to have an emotional connection to the text?

Next, justify your opinion regarding the prosecution of minors as adults.
I look forward to your response.

 We started our discussion regarding "Short Story" elements today in class (September 13th). In order to obtain this information, please visit with me or a friend. We also reviewed the short story structure by making cookies; it was so much fun! Plan on a quiz covering the introductory information discussed in class today. You will need to familiarize yourself with irony, foreshadowing, the different types of characterization, the different types of characters, the purposes of short stories, the conflicts associated with short stories, and the short story structure. Good Luck!. We then completed another journal entry. This entry corresponds to a short story entitled "The Dinner Party." Each student received a copy of it.

Journal #4" : Times of Crisis.
This entry is different than others as it has three questions to it:
1. How do you handle dangerous situations that could cause panic? Do you act or react? Do you consider yourself a calm individual, especially concerning aspects that might cause pandemonium, or would you say that you have a more "stressed" and "anxious" type of character?
2. We then read the short story "The Dinner Party."
3. Then we answered the next question for the Journal #4. According to one character within "The Dinner Party," women have a tendency to over react in times of crisis. Tell me why this belief is ironic, especially regarding events within the story.
4. Our guest then "revealed" herself. We then responded to the third part of the journal entry. If you had known that Rosie was in the room, prior to our discussion, would your reaction to entering the room have been any different? Would there have been a "crisis" with you? Explain.

1. Plan on a quiz covering the characteristics of a short story on Tuesday.
2. Remember that Article #3 is due on Thursday.....RED annotations/notations/7-10 for each page, unless I indicated to you otherwise