Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24th, 2012

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. Journal #3 Poetry: Review for Hyperbole and Idioms.
This entry involves several movie clips and a coloring activity. It will be hard to make this up, but we can do it. I would ask that you visit with someone in class first, and then visit with me during flex.

2. We finished your yellow handout detailing all the figurative language elements. If you missed class, please make sure you have a strong understanding of the following terms:
1. Denotation
2. Connotation
3. Imagery
4. Alliteration
5. Sibilance
6. Assonance
7. Consonance
8. Onomatopoeia
9. Anaphora

1. Remember that 1/3 of your Memoir needs to be read for TUESDAY!
2. Please complete the "reading guide" that you have with your Memoir Packet. It is yellow in color and involves using the "sticky notes" for annotating!
3. Remember that your CRUCIBLE essay revision is due on TUESDAY!

Enjoy your weekend,