Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Dear Juniors,

I hope you have a wonderful spring break. Please be aware of the following, especially if you missed class the day prior to spring break.

1. Your homework is to read your "book report" text. Remember that your assignment is due on April 16th, which is not too far away. WORK ON THIS, my young friends.

2. We started on THE GREAT GATSBY in class on Thursday. In fact, we almost finished listening to Chapter 1. Those of you that missed class, you will need to read chapter 1 on your own. I recommend downloading it from the computer and listening to it. Initially listening to it gives you a greater understanding of the text. As we progress through the novel, you will be able to read it on your own.

3. Please do not miss class on Monday, as we will finish chapter 1. I will explain your chapter 1 quiz, and then move on to color symbolism.

Enjoy the holiday, cute kids. I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Mrs. Crampton