Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1. We reviewed the short story, "The Chaser," and then took the quiz in class.

2. Journal #9: Perception vs. Reality

Part 1: Please divide your paper in half vertically. On the left write the word "Perception" and on the right write the word "Reality." You will see several different images that involve the theme of "perception vs. reality." Upon seeing the images, record your immediate perception of them. We will then return to the images, at which time you will look at them for a longer period. Let's see if your perception and reality happen to be different or the same?

Part 2: Now that you have read "The Wife's Story" explain why your perception was so different from the actual reality of the story? Why were you deceived?

Part 3: Explain why this story is such a valid example concerning situational irony.

3. Ms. Robinson then explained that the story "The Wife's Story" is in actuality an "optical illusion." As the reader, you think that you know what is taking place, but when you come to the end, you realize that you have been tricked.

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, Please read the "WIFE'S STORY" by Urusala K. LeGuinn for Homework.

1. Remember that AW #6 is due on  TUESDAY! This article relates to a gentleman who was severely burned due to an electrical accident. You are to use RED only and one other color (your choice), so ask questions for this article. I expect you to give me 5-7 annotations/notations/page