Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Dear Juniors,

If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. JOURNAL #1: Refer to your annotations/notations for today regarding FACEBOOK. Identify TWO annotations for ORANGE and TWO annotations for GREEN. Tell me why you found those passages interesting and insightful. Please record the passages in your journal entries. For example, "As I read the article, a section that I found interesting relates to the number of people currently using Facebook. The author states, ......." Now proceed to explain why you found the text interesting and insightful.....Any questions?

2. We then reviewed the color coding structure by identifying each section (topic sentence, conrete detail, commentary, etc) in the following examples. Each student identified the appropriate structural element by color coding the body paragraphs below. We discussed why #2 is so much stronger.
Paragraph Examples
#1. Bryson Nickle
            Due to the pain that one feels during post surgery, scientists and doctors use new medicines to help patients through pain relief. However, many drugs fail to provide sufficient relief due to the weakness of the drugs. For example, Stephen Aaron, a middle-aged man from Salt Lake City, Utah, recently required back surgery. He received morphine to help cope with the pain he felt, however, the pain pushed through the medicine to a point where he found it almost unbearable. The drugs couldn't provide the relief he required, and unfortunately legalized marijuana isn't an option in Utah. Very few people react negatively to marijuana Allergic reaction reports seem to come up very seldom and far in between. These reasons help indicate why medical marijuana should become an option in all states.

#2. Bryson Nickle (with more commentary/support)
            Due to post surgery pain, medical professionals have used new approaches, including the use of marijuana, to assist patients with pain relief. According to one study conducted by the US Society for Neuroscience, “Careful studies show marijuana directly interferes with pain signaling in the nervous system. This insight may lead to a new class of pain killers. Patients suffering from spinal cord injuries and the ill effects of chemotherapy will find pain relief through using marijuana (Joy, Stanley and Benson). This statement has merit. Stephen Aaron, a middle-aged man from Salt Lake City, Utah who recently required back surgery,  received morphine to help cope with the strong post surgery discomfort; however, the morphine did not ease his pain. If current pain options cease to alleviate patient pain, then other avenues need consideration.  A second study sponsored by the Healthcare Regularly Agency (HRA) indicated that the 200 individuals used in the study “found the use of marijuana  most effective, particularly  regarding pain relief and improved sleep” (Armenteno). If Mr. Aaron had taken marijuana for his pain, he would have recovered more quickly and experienced less side effects from the surgery. Unfortunately, the use of medical marijuana creates a barrier in many states. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia permit the use of medical marijuana (Seimons). If approved throughout the United States, medical marijuana would decrease pain experienced by those recovering from surgery and other illnesses.

  3. We then returned to the triangle regarding steroid use that we developed during our last class period. We looked at some pro/con elements that we could include in the body paragraph regarding steroids to strengthen the validity of the paper. Each student received a copy of a document entitled "PRO/CON ELEMENTS REGARDING STEROID USE." We proceeded to write the body paragraph that we triangled last class period.  EACH STUDENT SUBMITTED THEIR PARAGRAPH PRIOR TO CLASS ENDING>

1. Students randomly selected one of the following topics:
  • Golf...Is it a sport? (This one is for you, Tate)
  • Building a mosque at ground zero
  • Euthanasia (doctor assisted suicide)
  • Is social networking good for society?
  • Felon Voting
2. Students were asked to take a stand on their chosen topic, and then locate THREE different Internet sources, one of which has to be, that offer information about their chosen topic. Students were asked to annotate and notate each source...5-7/page....all colors permitted. Students should have their sources with them on FRIDAY.

 3. Students were asked to complete writing the body paragraph on steroids. We discussed the pros and cons to this issue and then reviewed for some strong and authentic opinions on the subject. Then we incorporated those opinions into the paragraph that we triangled last class period.
This body paragraph is due on FRIDAY>