Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 11th, 2011

Dear Juniors,
I appreciate you indicating that the blog was not updating. I hope that I have rectified the problem. Please let me know if the same problem continue to occur. THANK!

What did you do today in class, Mrs. Crampton?

1. We had each group share information regarding their particular Puritan topic. This information was recorded on the goldenrod colored handout that you have in your notebook entitled "Introductory Information on The Crucible."

In addition, two clips were shared with the class concerning Senator Joseph McCarthy. This gentleman falsely accused 205 Americans of communism during the 1950's; consequently, these individuals lost their jobs and were "black listed" by their friends. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? I have included an image of McCarthy below.

1. PLEASE review the information discussed in class today concerning Puritan culture. You will have a quiz over this information on MONDAY.
2. Please read/annotate/notate/7-10/ALL COLORS the article entitled "WHY I WROTE THE CRUCIBLE?" This is due on Monday, as well.

Enjoy your weekend!