Monday, August 29, 2011

Class on Monday, August 29th, 2011

Dear Juniors,
If you missed class today, we completed the following:

Dear Juniors,

Let me "enlighten" you on what we worked on today in class:
1. We finished the green handout that we started on last Thursday. We completed the sections regarding "Academic Voice."
2. We "outlined" the five paragraph essay format using the COLOR CODING format.
3. Students recorded the following information on the Five Paragraph essay structure:

Eye Catcher
Transition Sentence
THESIS statement with three defining points

Body Thesis/Topic Sentence
Concrete Detail
Concrete Detail
Concrete Detail
Concrete Detail
Concluding Sentence

BODY #2 and BODY #3 contain the same organization format


3. We then "TRIANGLED" (an organization method) our ideas regarding why teenagers rarely eat a healthy breakfast.
4. As a group we wrote the color body paragraph for "Why teenagers rarely eat a healthy breakfast. We started with the "triangle" format for A1 and finished with A2. We will write the paragraph together on Wed.

1. Complete your "Article of the Week" #1. Remember that you may use all your colors and that 7-10 annotations/notations are required/page.